Monday, September 26, 2011

Take the Money & Run!

Steve Johnson and I let Obama know he's wrong for our country

Many people passing by agree with us - Obama must go!                                                                          

Obama came to town today. He had a pricey fundraiser luncheon at a home in La Jolla. A few of us could not let the opportunity pass without expressing our desire to defeat his agenda now and in 2012. Although many desired to come out and protest they could not. They still have jobs.
When I arrived, Steve Johnson was already at his post at the busy La Jolla intersection . Soon James Lambert also arrived with his sign - Anybody but Obama for 2012. Diana Davies came with her four wonderful children, ready to take their stand. 

We had some media coverage at KUSI & KGTV showed up to tape and interview. Their reporting was pretty fair as they recounted our dismay with Obama and his radical leftist agenda. His failures in the economy, jobs, spending, housing market took center stage. His extreme pro abortion policies were also noted.

Around 1:45pm James and I went closer to the event house in La Jolla by All Hallows Catholic Church. The church had brought out their flag waving students to catch a glimpse of Obama. A lady driving by parked, borrowed a sign and joined us to give a message to Obama. She wondered where were the Republicans and the Tea Party people. The news later reported that another group, a Tea Party one had protested downtown.

Shortly there after, the police blocked off the streets. This was followed by dozens of motorcycle cops, squad cars, black SUV's and limos. It was as if the king and his entourage had burst onto to the scene totally taking over. 
As we stood there, James said he had looked into the Obama limo catching his eye as Obama saw we were not bowing to the great one.

In the end it was a good day. We gave a voice for those who could not - unborn babies and working people. As for Obama, he came, took the money and in just a few hours he was gone. He saw as the polls report,  that all around this nation people are working to retire him in 2012.

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  1. Fantastic showing by people willing and able to demonstrate for a clean white house, Obama and his birds of a feather must be defeated in 2012.