Friday, April 26, 2013

He Said What?

As a concerned citizen, I believe in encouraging our elected officials to stand for our Constitution and do their duty to uphold it. Below is a baffling account of what I encountered when I made a request of the Santee City Council at their meeting this past Wednesday.
The debate in the Senate on the proposed immigration reform bill revealed that it does not secure the borders nor enforce existing immigration laws. Then the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to support a resolution in favor of the bill. So I thought it would be good for those opposing this bill to be heard as well.
With a draft resolution written up I signed in to speak during the public comment period of the meeting.
Before the meeting I was approached by councilman Jack Dale who offered to move up the comments period before some city business that would take some time. I appreciated the consideration of my time, since it would take only me about 3 minutes.

When my name was called I went forward explained briefly the reason for the resolution and read what I was proposing they support. As I had been told the council would not address the issue since it was not on the agenda, I sat back down.

Then the Mayor Randy Voepel expressed strong support for the points made in the resolution. However, he said they have a policy not to take stands on issues not directly involving the city of Santee like potholes, etc.

He would realize his mistaken viewpoint if he gave it some thought. Why does he think the state had to cut back on the funds they usually returned to local cities? What about the local unemployment rate affected by cheap illegal labor? Or most worrisome national security concerns because of our unsecured borders as we recall that a couple of the 9-11 terrorists were living in La Mesa. In any case, if that had been the end of it then it would not be so troubling.

However, then the Mayor went on to say to me "Now you can go home and watch TV".

As Assemblyman Brian Jones likes to say  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

Such a dismissive and disrespectful comment from Mayor Voepel is not only unbecoming of his position but does nothing to promote civil discourse in Santee.

In case you are curious, below is the proposed resolution that brought on his response:

A Resolution of the Santee City Council in opposition to the Immigration Reform Bill of 2013

WHEREAS, the United States of America is a nation founded on the rule of law and the beneficiary of the contributions of legal immigrants; and
WHEREAS, the Obama Administration refuses to enforce current immigration laws resulting in porous borders and millions of illegals residing in the country; and
WHEREAS, the current proposed immigration reform does not resolve the problem of unsecure borders and is blatantly unfair to legal immigrants who endured the process or those waiting in the line abiding by the rules; and
WHEREAS, the struggling economy has about 22 million unemployed and underemployed citizens that would be harmed by the sudden entrance of millions of newly legal workers to compete in a tight job market; and
WHEREAS, the spoils of illegals breaking into the country must be  terminated by making it very costly to employers hiring illegals and the free healthcare, education and welfare given by this bankrupt state must end; and
WHEREAS, the unsecure borders allows for all types of unsavory characters from all over the world to enter, including- criminals, perverts, and/or terrorists; and
WHEREAS, it is proper, fitting and well within the right of every nation to control its own borders and determine who should be allowed to enter; NOW THEREFORE,
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Santee City Council urges Congress to drop any legislation that does not first get control of our borders, enforces current immigration laws regarding employment, benefits, and citizenship rights such as voting.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, a copy of this resolution be sent to the President of the United States and the Honorable members of the 113th Congress of the United States who represent San Diego County, urging immediate implementation of the above before bestowing amnesty and causing further damage to our sovereignty, economy and national security.