Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Response to Mayor Sanders Betrayal

East County CRA
subject: Protect Traditional Marriage & Prop 22

Thank you for taking the time to stand for traditional marriage, society, children and the vote of the people. I especially want to thank the elected official here today:
Bill Baber –LMSV School Board, Brian Jones –Santee City Council, Jim Kelly – Grossmont Union High School Board, Bob McClellan –El Cajon City Council, Mark Price – Alpine School Board, Rick Winet – LMSV School Board
Also we have community leaders to welcome:: James Lee Lambert - American Family Association, Allyson Smith – Americans for Truth, Mark Seidenberg – Vice Chairman of the American Independent Party of the State of California , Gary Kreep – United States Justice Foundation, Theresa Ellis – San Diego Facilitator for Parents & Friends of Ex-gays & Gays (PFOX) & Margaret Hunter representing Duncan D. Hunter for Congress.
We also have the support for traditional marriage and Prop 22 sent by elected officials who could not attend: Assemblyman Joel Anderson, El Cajon Mayor Mark Lewis, El Cajon City Councilman Gary Kendrick, Grossmont Union High School Board member Larry Urdahl

We have all felt the betrayal of public trust by the San Diego City Council and Mayor in their support of same sex marriage completely disregarding the vote of the people as expressed in the over 62% in support of prop 22 – marriage defined ONLY one man and one woman. We are here to make it loud and clear that they do not speak for us! We will not allow them to invalidate the meaning of marriage, our votes or our foundational family principles.
The powerful radical gay and lesbian special interest groups are very good in framing issues by twisting the language. It is not about civil rights. It is about the welfare of society, families and especially our children. One does not have the civil right to every whim or passing fancy. Anymore than a super model does not have the civil right to demand to be an NFL linebacker. A circus fat man does not have the civil right to demand to be a jockey in a hose race. They simply do not qualify physically. There’s a saying in Spanish that I think applies “Quieren tapar el sol con una mano” They wish to cover the sun with one hand – That can’t be done for long. It won’t be successful along as the common sense people step up and declare truth in all of our spheres of influence. Also, we must hold the politicians, candidates and judges accountable.

East County CRA President

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stand for the Vote of the People

to: San Diego city council members

subject: support marriage & prop 22

Good Afternoon City Council Members,

Although this is a vitally important issue, to stand for traditional marriage, the item before you has no place before this council. For the following reasons:
1. Prop 22, with over 61% majority, affirmed society’s time tested support of marriage between a man and a woman. You have no right or reason to disregard the will of the voters of California. You are elected to represent the people not to impose social experimentation upon them.
2. Since your voters have already decided this issue, why spend time revisiting this when you are plagued by multiple other city problems that remain unsettled.
3. Lastly, a vote today to involve yourselves in this item before the courts will not force the courts hand, but will be a slap to the face of your voters.
To members, Faulconer, Maienschein, Young and Fry, I thank you for voting against the City’s intrusion in an issue the people have already decided. To the rest of you, I ask that you reconsider and vote no this time. Remember, San Diego, thankfully, is not San Francisco or LA. Voters are overwhelmingly for what is best for society and children -traditional marriage. And the voters will remember your vote today.

Sylvia Sullivan

East County CRA President