Saturday, April 17, 2010

Run the Race to Finish Strong!

Now more than ever the California Human Rights Amendments is needed. Especially in light of the passage of Obamacare that forces federal tax funds to be used for abortions. Especially in California where none of the top three candidates for governor support the right to life of preborn children.

Will the pro pot people care more about smoking pot than we do about the babies? (Their initiative qualified.) Please let it not be!
Join the California Republican Assembly, American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, Dr Alveda King, Dr. Jim Garlow, Dana Cody of Life Legal defense and many more pro family groups and individuals in support of CHRA.

Time is short. Please take your petitions to your church tomorrow, Earth Day Fair, or anywhere decent people gather and get them turned in ASAP. Below is an update, a message from Mary:

Praise God, the California Human Rights Amendment is close to qualifying.

Thank you!!!
Thousands of petitions have arrived at the PO Box.
Each petition is being reviewed.
Each signature is being counted.
Each signature is vital.

We still need approx. 200,000 more signatures.
If each of us collect 20 more signatures.
Your effort will push the campaign over the top.

Can you please collect 20 more signatures?

Remember, this is a grass roots campaign. NO professional signatures are being paid.
Its up to each of us to own this campaign and ensure its qualification.

Can you help? Please go to and download/print the petition or call 1 800 836 4937 to have petitions mailed to you.
Mail them in to the PO Box by April 20 - the deadline has been extended by a few days, April 20 is the drop dead date.

Thank you for your faithfulness. You've worked hard. We're coming down the stretch....
Please extend yourself one last time....for the protection and defense of the pre-born.

And please pray, pray. pray for the victory of this important initiative - all for His Honor and Glory

Love in Christ,
"In as much as you've done unto one of the least of my brethren, ye have done unto me." Matthew 25:40

Thursday, April 15, 2010

CRA Endorsements!

San Diego County CRA is pleased to announce its
endorsements made at the SDCounty CRA,
April 14, 2010, endorsing meeting. Delegates
participated fromfive San Diego County CRA
units with Senate District Director, Frank Hilliker
presiding. Candidates must receive at least a two-thirds vote for

Duncan Hunter - 52nd Congressional District
Martin Garrick - 74th Assembly District
Bill Horn - Board of Supervisors #5
Jay La Suer - Sheriff
Jeff Olson - Assessor/Recorder/Clerk

Superior Court Judges:
Craig Candelore office #14
Larry Kincaid office #34
Bill Trask office #21

Chula Vista Prop G - support (pending State CRA confirmation)

Previously endorsed:

Joel Anderson - 36th State Senate District

Bill Wells - 77th Assembly District

Congratulations to our great conservative candidates!
Now let's work to an exciting victory in June!