Sunday, May 9, 2010

U-T's Lame Response to -What Else is Wrong?

Update - The U-T's response printed below, to errors in the editorial of 05/09/10, entitled "What's in a Name?"

It was a very lame attempt to distract from the point I was making. The editor, Don Sevrens,who wrote the piece, was very defensive about his errors as we spoke on the phone. The point was that on the issue of GUHSD naming the new high school, he rushed to judgement. His liberal knee jerk response was reflected throughout the piece. Just as he had not checked out the facts about me or Louis Russo, he failed to accurately portray the process of naming the new high school.

(my letter to the editor)

If today's U-T editorial regarding the Grossmont Union High School board's advisory panel is as accurate as the facts used to describe me, it's time for the editors to go back to school.

Contrary to what was penned, I do not live in La Mesa, or own a bookkeeping business nor am I a member of the Republican Central Committee. Three out of four incorrect facts about me, set the pace for inaccuracy in the rest of the editorial.

Examining the facts demonstrates that the Board is following a standard process and delegating the initial selection by the appointment of a panel of local concerned citizens. This hardly constitutes diverting attention from education. Simply performing a proper function of naming a new high school.

As for the Helix Charter High School issue, it is imperative that officials do what is necessary to keep our students safe from sexual predators. Again a very proper function of the Board.

East County parents, students and taxpayers appreciate these efforts. Furthermore, the editor is wrong again in representing participation in the political process as a kind of dirty word. It is our American system and no grounds to disqualify one from service to the community. In fact, the only place stirring up distractions and feuds is on editorial pages of the U-T.

Below is the lame response from the U-T:

For the Record
Editorial had out-of-date references
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 12:05 a.m.
• A Sunday editorial, “What’s in a name?/East County school fight diverts attention from education,” contained out-of-date references to the associations of Sylvia Sullivan and Louis Russo, appointees to an advisory committee helping to find a name for a new high school in Alpine. Sullivan is a former resident of La Mesa, former owner of a bookkeeping business and former Republican County Central Committee member. Russo is a former member of the Alpine Planning Group and San Diego Rural Fire District board. He lists his occupation now as a corporate instructional systems designer.
The Union-Tribune regrets the errors.
It is the policy of the Union-Tribune to correct all errors. To discuss accuracy or fairness of articles on the editorial and opinion pages, please write:
William Osborne, senior editor/opinion, (619) 293-1395, or
below is link to original editorial: