Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happenings at the CRP Convention 3/13

This past weekend I attended the CRP Convention in Sacramento as a delegate appointed by Senator Joel Anderson. Despite Republican election losses in California, the mood was upbeat. There is much hope that the newly elected Chairman Jim Brulte will not only bring the party together but raise money and build the party organization.
The officer election campaigns were run respectfully by capable candidates. Thankfully, the party platform battles were gone for now.

There was lots of time for networking and socializing  with party leaders and elected officials. One speaker was Congressman Darrell Issa. As we chatted, he assured us that he would not let up on the investigation of "Fast and Furious". Also, he said the Republicans have not forgotten about the Benghazi scandal. They will deal with it when the timing is right in the near future.
Congressman Issa with Sylvia & Claire Plotner

A recurring theme for the party was to reach Hispanic voters. The CRP leadership is committed to making sure it is understood that all  upholding Republican values are welcome. Newly elected Latino Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chavez received several accolades and positive shout outs from the speakers.
Although he had just been quoted in the UT the Thursday before the convention saying, speaking about Republicans, "Every time they start saying secure our borders that sends the message that we don't want Mexicans here, or dark skins" Interesting view since Republicans believe strongly  in the rule of law. This view is not considered to be racist, simply common sense. Chavez also reversed his position from the pledge he signed during the campaign. He had promised that he would support traditional marriage. Obviously, the voters, and the party have issues to work on with Chavez.

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The convention had many food functions and parties. It allowed time to mingle and get to know fellow delegates and guests. Below is a picture at the Saturday a luncheon that featured Karl Rove as the main speaker. He encouraged us, even with the challenges of California, to get off the couch, get busy. and never give up.
Knowing party leaders would be looking for ways to attract new people to the Republican Party, I went prepared with a written message for them. My message encouraged them to stand strong and make the case for conservative principles. The nation hungers for such leadership. These circumstances create the opportunity for a leader to emerge. This just happened with Senator Rand Paul's filibuster. He was not at the convention but stands as a great example in leadership.
The outgoing chairman, Tom Del Beccaro, asked that delegates describe why they are Republican and what drew them to become Republican. At the end, I've included my account "Why I Am a Republican Woman",  I shared with some of our Republican leaders.
Some  San Diego delegates with County Chairman Tony Krvaric

New CRP Chairman Jim Brulte
Met Karl Rove & gave him a message on how Republicans win!

Our country needs us now more than ever, to never forget, never compromise principles and never ever give up!

Sylvia Sullivan