Monday, November 3, 2008

Won't Get Fooled Again

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..."

Hopefully these will not become prophetic lyrics by the rock band the Who.
The latest disclosures about Obama reveal a picture of radical, socialist, Marxist core beliefs and connections. His expressed desire to "spread the wealth around" is cause for concern to those with some knowledge of history.

Because my family came from Cuba, I know its sad story offers valuable lessons. In the late 1950's the Cuban people were taken in by an eloquent, young leader who promised change. He promised to give the people all they needed - education, medical care, help for the poor, justice and equality.

The people wanted to believe that Fidel's definition of change would save them. Only too late did the people realize Fidel was a tyrant. By then he had already taken complete control of guns, the press, jobs, food, travel, education, businesses and farms. The people were forced to submit, flee, or face imprisonment and execution.

My grandfather, Americo Sera, had worked hard to have a small ranch and tile factory in Holguin, Cuba when Castro took over. One day Fidel's soldiers came to his home located just above the tile factory in town. The soldiers led by my grandfather's own daughter, my aunt, had come to "spread the wealth". Americo's home was declared much too big for one family. The house was divided up and two other families moved in to share the wealth. At the point of a gun, he had to share the fruits of his labor with those who had not earned it. He and my grandmother, along with many other relatives were blessed to escape to America for freedom and opportunity.

One could say there's no way that could ever happen in the US. Cubans never imagined it would happen to them, either. Wisdom recognizes the slippery slope from socialism to the deliberate, slow loss of freedoms. The price of liberty is vigilance to guard the Constitution from Obama who views it as "a charter of negative liberties" He sees it as an obstacle to the "redistributive change" he wants to impose.

Another common thread in the socialist, Marxist mindset is a cold disregard for the sanctity of human life. As for my aunt, the committed revolutionary party member, she remained faithful to Fidel until her bitter end. Her letters to relatives in the US were full of communist slogans. After over forty years of service, the now elderly woman wanted to visit her family in the US. Although she was healthy, the Cuban authorities insisted she go to the hospital for a check up before receiving permission to take the trip. She never made it out of the hospital to visit family. We later learned from a nurse, who had escaped from Cuba, that my aunt had been given a lethal injection in the hospital. Such was the Cuban government's final treatment of a loyal but now useless comrade.

Such barbarism can't happen here or can it? A former abortion clinic employee gave the following account. A baby was 35 weeks gestation when the abortion was performed. The baby came out and was moving. The abortionist took a utensil and stabbed the baby in the left ribcage. She twisted it until the baby stopped moving. At another abortion clinic in Florida, an African American baby girl was also born during the abortion. The baby was shoved into a bag and tossed on to the roof of the clinic. She died a slow horrible death gasping for air.

Despite Obama's denials and the media cover up, his record is clear. He fought any legal protections for babies born during an abortion. He also supports the gruesome procedure, partial birth abortion. This is from the one who claims to care for "the least of these".

Remembering the sorrowful history of the Cuban experience, teaches to watch for other red flags. A common one is the demonizing and silencing of any opposition as the Obama campaign has skillfully maneuvered. The flow of information is kept from the electorate as Obama has sealed all his records including his birth certificate. And when Obama calls for an "civilian national security force" as strong as the military, then watch out! He is dangerous and must be defeated by electing John McCain.

The Who really got it right.

"Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Support Prop 8

to: La Mesa City Council

subject: support marriage prop 8

It is not often that as leaders in La Mesa, you have the opportunity to take a stand that makes a real difference for La Mesa families and children. You can do that as a council and vote to support Prop 8 – the affirmation of the traditional definition of marriage being between only one man and one woman.
It really is simple as voting for Mom, apple pie and the American way. Really, Prop 8 is just ABC
A - Accountability to hold off judicial tyranny of four judges who over ruled the over 61% of the California voters who voted for Prop 22. So we must do it again. This time a constitutional amendment so that four judges will not be able to redefine marriage into something unrecognizable that silences the vote of the people
B. stands for benefits. We hear very emotional appeals from opponent of Prop 8 that they just want the rights everyone else has. What is left out is the reality that with civil unions in California they already have all the benefits just not the name. Prop 8 will have no effect on civil unions. It will affirm in the Constitution that marriage is between one man and one woman as it has always been.
C. is for our children. Redefining marriage will by law lead to the teaching of same sex marriage to children as young as kindergarten disregarding parental wishes. This has already happened in Mass. As father who attempted to opt out his kindergartener, was arrested and told his parental rights ended as the school entrance. Recently, there is the example of the first graders field trip to a same sex wedding in San Francisco. Churches will face lawsuits to be forced to embrace that which is against their beliefs.
Lastly, this is not just another political, social issue. It is the foundational building block of stable societies, families and the best for our children. I urge you to rise up, stand up and speak out with one voice for Prop 8 – traditional marriage one man and one woman.
Please do what is best for La Mesa!