Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ToThe Editor

A kind of a hush has come upon the critics of the Grossmont High School Board in East County. Silenced are their dire predictions of doom, as the school board led by Jim Kelly, has provided sound fiscal leadership during a state inducedfiscal crisis.
Fiscal realities necessitated the board's wise choice to operate slightly in the red by drawing on the budget reserve money. By drawing on the budget reserve money the district was able to avoid any teacher layoffs, unlike many other districts in San Diego County. The board has kept campaign promises to supportour teachers and our children.
Under this school board leadership the voters passed the first bond measure inabout 40 years. This bond measure has enabled the district to begin long overdue reconstruction maintenance at our aging schools. If you go to any of our schools you will see varying degrees of construction as each school is updated for the 21st century communications as well as aging or non-existent air conditioning.
The board has hired a law firm that is an expert in the state education code in order to do a complete review of Grossmont’s own rules to bring them in line with the state codes. Any future problems the differences may have caused the district will be thus avoided.
Finally, the school board led by Mr. Kelly has begun several programs that each school is implementing. They ensure that all of our children are learning what they need to graduate. More importantly they become productive members of our community upon graduation.
One of the programs teams teachers in each department at a school in order to coordinate subject matter and requirements. Then all students are evaluated on the same material.
Another program targets students at risk of dropping out. These students are identified and then receive special attention. The student dropout rate dropped by 50% the first year this was implemented.
The disturbing distractions are history as most board votes are 5-0. The few split votes show diversity of opinion not a rubber stamping, marching in lockstep board. Students' education, parental involvement and teachers support are the priority.
Let us continue the hum of excellent efficiency and re elect JimKelly. Sound educational and fiscal leadership in Grossmont Union High School
District has lowered the volume of the critics to a whisper. Vote for Jim Kelly on November 7!