Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Give Liberty A Chance

to: San Diego City Council Members

subject: Saving Mt Soledad Memorial Cross as is, Where IT IS

This City and you as elected leaders are truly at a crossroad.
Before deciding how to vote you must be clear as to what is happening before you. This is blatant anti -Christian bigotry and an attack on our freedoms. My parents came legally from Cuba, an island prison without liberty. So I recognize such attacks all too well.
The atheists and ACLU attorney’s true motives have been exposed. At first they said the cross is illegal on public land, with public funds and in need of a super majority vote. The people have done it all – put the cross in private hands and with private funds and voted with over 76% to keep the cross... Yet the atheist and ACLU attorneys have fought every attempt to resolve the issue. They stand for one thing - the removal of this cross from public view. That is a direct attack on our Constitutional freedom of expression. It does not matter that judges have disagreed. Judges are not infallible; they have been wrong in the past and are wrong again, as will be ultimately proven.
It is your moment to stand for what is right even if it is hard. It was harder for the veterans who had to endure the ugliness of war, many dying to preserve our freedoms. You have only to vote correctly. It is your watch now, people have spoken. Let it not be said that you gave in to the Taliban types hostile to our Christian heritage. Will the city of San Diego allow the unprecedented action of tearing down a cross; a cross symbolizing the sacrifices of our veterans? Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13) Laying down your life is not asked of you. You only have to vote yes to continue to fight for freedom. A nation prays you will.