Friday, January 22, 2010

Civil Rights Denied!

The moral issue of our time is abortion. Since 1973, a whole class of human beings- the most innocent and defenseless have been stripped of all human rights.
The slaughter of over 50 million unborn children has unleashed unspeakable evil.

This includes:

Complete loss of respect for life- dead babies found in dumpsters, trash and toilets
Partial birth abortions, infanticide, abortion as birth control, gender selection abortions
Women maimed physically, emotionally or dead at the hands of abortionists
Minors harmed by abortions without parental notification or non reporting of sexual abuse
Men using women by relying on abortion to avoid responsibility
Fathers denied any rights in deciding if his child lives or dies

The above list only begins to describe the ramifications of abortion on demand, at anytime for any reason and at taxpayers expense.

As we remember today all those lives destroyed by this infamous Supreme Court travesty. Let's pray soon all civil, human rights will be restored to the preborn. Lastly, may our actions find us diligent in this battle. May we not be ashamed when someday asked by our horrified children or grandchildren, "What did you do when they were killing children?"

I'll end with a plea.

Please Forget Me Not!

I’m so small, not easily seen or heard,
A baby, with no voice nor choice, so absurd.

Mother Earth has rights, animal rights, even criminal rights,
Yet they say it’s all settled, those Roe v Wade fights.

Baby condors, snails and whales have defenders,
I’m, a glob, a pregnancy by-product, what pretenders!

My blood is sought, for many dollars bought,
Who will cry out for me, please forget me not.

Be quiet, don’t bring up the thorny “A” issue
Don’t rock the boat for a little bit of tissue.

But I have no voice, no choice, nothing to say,
By their CHOICE, my life is taken away.

Mom, Dad, please let me live life and see days light,
Don’t let the womb be my tomb, I’m worth the fight!

My blood is sought, for many dollars bought,
Who will cry out for me, please forget me not!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where is My Country?

As I walked around the land of the free
Such shocking bloodshed from sea to sea
Hardened criminals thrive while innocent babies die
How can this be? Where is my country?

Again I looked around the land of the free?
A government stranglehold from sea to sea
A people overburdened by rules and sky high taxes
How can this be? Where is my country?

I saw what had been the land of the free
Gays and jihadists rage from sea to sea
While our faith and cross are held in disdain
How can this be? Where is my country?

Lawlessness stalks the land of the free
Hordes of illegals as far as the eye can see
Their rights trump those of rightful citizens.
How can this be? Where is my country?

I listened across this land of the free
To a President who bows, is so sorry overseas.
USA, some self hate, they just don’t appreciate
How can this be? Where is my country?

Then I heard the sound of hope in the land of the free
Many brave warriors willing to fight for you and me
Many Moms and Dads teaching children truths of liberty
So it can be. There is my country

Again there is rejoicing in the land of the free
The Lord was born to save and set us free
We must know and live our marvelous History!
And so it will be. At last, there is my country!