Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Circular Firing Squad Redirected?

Victory pic after the platform committee vote - left to right - Mike Spence, (me)Sylvia Sullivan, Celeste Greig and meeting chairman Assemblymen Dan Logue. Pic taken by a good sport,  John Peschong, who took the lead on the floor in favor of the losing watered down platform version.
Bev Miller had a spirited conversation with Charles Munger, Jr, the architect of the "moderate" platform attempt

Like the world uniting to fight space aliens attack, the CRP convention attendees focused on the real threat to the nation, Barack H. Obama. Although a serious alarm was sounded as conservatives were caught off guard in the platform drafting committee meeting. This committee passed a new watered down version of the platform. It lacked the previous strong language on the life issue, traditional marriage and the 2nd amendment. The money force behind this is Charles Munger, Jr. When I spoke with him to determine his motivation, he would not own up to his role. He went on about the need to update the platform to appeal to all those hypothetical  voters just waiting to join a Democrat light Republican party. However, his determined actions were detailed in a recent Sacrament Bee article. ( http://www.sacbee.com/2011/09/16/3914662/charles-t-munger-jr-puts-more.html)

The sticker says it all, in expressing the winning side at the end of the day.
I attended the convention in LA this past weekend, ready to fight for our winning platform, equipped with stickers for all who wanted one. It read," We Win with Life & Marriage in GOP Platform!" with a red heart in the center.
After the general session adjourned on Sunday the platform committee met to an overflow, standing room only crowd. Due to the great efforts of Mike Spence, Mark Pruner, Jon Fleischman, Tony Krvaric, Ron Nehring, Celeste Greig as well as the voting presence of elected officials - Senator Joel Anderson, Assemblymen Brian Jones, Tim Donnelly, and Mike Morrell among others, resulted in victory. The final vote to keep our strong conservative winning platform was 66 yes, 50 no and 4 not voting.
This is the focus of the Republicans committed to the defeat of Obama to save our country!

The whole tone of the convention was one of civility. Maybe wearing a red heart sticker encouraged this, but I received more hugs and friendly kisses then ever. Even a serious discussion with San Diego moderate Mike McSweeny was respectful. We found much common ground in protecting  children, freedoms and small businesses. He even put on a sticker and ended up voting for the conservative platform. Even though he had previously supported the moderate one. He said in essence that the bottom line was that nothing should be done  to discourage the precinct volunteers needed. He recognized that affirming party principles is key in motivating those volunteers necessary to win.
Has the circular firing squad really been redirected to those who actually threaten our nation? Our next CRP convention in February will tell. It is then that the delegates will decide if to accept our winning platform to protect Life, Marriage and our 2nd Amendment. All signs point to the conclusion that Party has heard the voters who long for leaders who stand and fight for the principles that formed our great country!

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  1. Sylvia,
    Thank you for your leadership in this very important matter.
    The conservative families of California, and the pro-life candidates who will run and win in CA in 2012 also thank you.
    I'm hearing the William Tell Overture....remember the Lone Ranger?
    Who was that masked lady, and all her masked friends....?
    They're the true heroes of 2011 - and we are all in your debt.

    Good job, one and all!

    Donna Woodrum
    San Diego