Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Look for Gay Pride Parade 2012?

It had been years since I observed the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. I had the opportunity this year and found it has changed somewhat. It is as if the gay community has reached a level in reaching for acceptance of the establishment. So with that, the wild raunchy lewd behavior was absent at least for the first half of the parade I saw.  The parade organizers online rules strictly forbid nudity, lewd behavior or drugs, etc.
There was a deliberate focus on the inclusion of many children and young people in the parade. The flavor was trying to be very family friendly while still pushing for same sex marriage. The parade included a charter school, teachers unions, police, churches, businesses, uniformed military and lots of elected officials and candidates. 
Both of the mayoral candidates marched. Bob Filner received the much better reception from the crowds with lots of cheers.  Carl DeMaio, hand in hand with his partner, was met with a cool response. A woman nearby was explaining "he is the conservative...."
Let's hope the pendulum maybe swinging away from outrageous public behavior. Perhaps in moving toward complete acceptance the gay community will tiptoe back into the closet keeping their private lives, well, private.