Monday, January 17, 2011

Unsung Heroes Dr. King Would Salute Today

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he would surely salute these unsung heroes. In the same week that celebrates the birthday of the civil rights champion also marks a devastatingly dark Supreme Court decision. This January 22, 2011 will be 38th anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade ruling. It paved the way for abortion on demand in the US resulting in the deaths of 53 million children.

Today there are many heroes who fight for civil rights for preborn children of all races. The following are but a few summarized stories of so many true accounts.

For those who live in San Diego County, it is likely that you have seen an RV covered in a powerful message for life, for the family, for marriage and/or righteousness. Since the nineties, Ronald Brock has driven countless miles with a message for life. His vehicle is often covered with gruesome pictures of aborted babies bodies. He has traveled the country from New York City, Washington DC, Florida, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, California and parts in between. He mostly travels by himself. He's encountered intense, sometimes violent opposition. He has been run off the road, had his vehicle vandalized, been assaulted, and falsely arrested. Yet he continues on the road proclaiming the truth as guardian angels watch over him.
He was just at the Mt Soledad Memorial Rally driving around with the message none could miss.

Then there is a couple, Tim and Colette Wilson, who met at a Rescue (a protest at an abortion clinic where rescuers risk arrest in order to save unborn babies). This began a courtship that ended in marriage. Colette, a pro life attorney, has assisted in numerous legal battles in the defense of life. For years they have reached out to pregnant women in crisis pleading for the life of the child. This couple's commitment to life is demonstrated by the four children they adopted. These precious little ones were saved from abortion. Their abortion minded moms chose life and adoption when shown the facts in a loving manner. Lucy, their youngest was born this past July 26th.

In the mid nineties a sincere, bold young man showed up at a La Mesa, CA abortion clinic. He broke the rules usually enforced against the regular side walk counselors, who were not allowed in the parking lot. Troy was observed quietly speaking with a couple debating whether or not to go in for an abortion. After awhile the security guard made him leave the parking lot. His calling confirmed, he joined the group with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Operation Rescue's numbers in those days, had been greatly reduced. The unfair media coverage, the police brutality, the unjust courts and costly lawsuits had shocked and frightened off many.
Troy slowly gathered the willing and adjusted the tactics to save unborn children. His changes enabled the pro lifers to save children without long term incarceration or bankrupting lawsuits and trials.
Over the years he survived the learning curve of dealing with the media, police and pro abortion lawyers. His statements in the media went from brash to polished in his presentations. The results were tremendous in San Diego for example, over 40 abortionists quit doing abortions by retiring or moving away. Also over 20 abortion clinics closed.
In 2002, Troy Newman, pro life activist Cheryl Sullenger, along with their families moved Operation Rescue to Wichita, Kansas to focus on late term abortionists like George Tiller. Today, OR under Troy's leadership, continues a very effective life saving national ministry.

Lastly, there is Lila Rose. Young, attractive and articulate, Lila is a student activist at UCLA. At fifteen years old she founded a youth pro life organization, Live Action. Cleverly using new media she has been ripping away Planned Parenthood's mask of respectability. Courageously, she lead undercover stings into Planned Parenthood clinics. Then she exposed their non reporting of sexual abuse by adult men of underage girls by posting the evidence on the internet. The publicity generated has been very costly to Planned Parenthood. Such young people infuse new blood into the movement to secure future victories. Lila continues to defend the defenseless.

These heroes too, have a dream - that someday all life will be respected. Dr. King would have been proud.