Monday, September 26, 2011

Take the Money & Run!

Steve Johnson and I let Obama know he's wrong for our country

Many people passing by agree with us - Obama must go!                                                                          

Obama came to town today. He had a pricey fundraiser luncheon at a home in La Jolla. A few of us could not let the opportunity pass without expressing our desire to defeat his agenda now and in 2012. Although many desired to come out and protest they could not. They still have jobs.
When I arrived, Steve Johnson was already at his post at the busy La Jolla intersection . Soon James Lambert also arrived with his sign - Anybody but Obama for 2012. Diana Davies came with her four wonderful children, ready to take their stand. 

We had some media coverage at KUSI & KGTV showed up to tape and interview. Their reporting was pretty fair as they recounted our dismay with Obama and his radical leftist agenda. His failures in the economy, jobs, spending, housing market took center stage. His extreme pro abortion policies were also noted.

Around 1:45pm James and I went closer to the event house in La Jolla by All Hallows Catholic Church. The church had brought out their flag waving students to catch a glimpse of Obama. A lady driving by parked, borrowed a sign and joined us to give a message to Obama. She wondered where were the Republicans and the Tea Party people. The news later reported that another group, a Tea Party one had protested downtown.

Shortly there after, the police blocked off the streets. This was followed by dozens of motorcycle cops, squad cars, black SUV's and limos. It was as if the king and his entourage had burst onto to the scene totally taking over. 
As we stood there, James said he had looked into the Obama limo catching his eye as Obama saw we were not bowing to the great one.

In the end it was a good day. We gave a voice for those who could not - unborn babies and working people. As for Obama, he came, took the money and in just a few hours he was gone. He saw as the polls report,  that all around this nation people are working to retire him in 2012.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Circular Firing Squad Redirected?

Victory pic after the platform committee vote - left to right - Mike Spence, (me)Sylvia Sullivan, Celeste Greig and meeting chairman Assemblymen Dan Logue. Pic taken by a good sport,  John Peschong, who took the lead on the floor in favor of the losing watered down platform version.
Bev Miller had a spirited conversation with Charles Munger, Jr, the architect of the "moderate" platform attempt

Like the world uniting to fight space aliens attack, the CRP convention attendees focused on the real threat to the nation, Barack H. Obama. Although a serious alarm was sounded as conservatives were caught off guard in the platform drafting committee meeting. This committee passed a new watered down version of the platform. It lacked the previous strong language on the life issue, traditional marriage and the 2nd amendment. The money force behind this is Charles Munger, Jr. When I spoke with him to determine his motivation, he would not own up to his role. He went on about the need to update the platform to appeal to all those hypothetical  voters just waiting to join a Democrat light Republican party. However, his determined actions were detailed in a recent Sacrament Bee article. (

The sticker says it all, in expressing the winning side at the end of the day.
I attended the convention in LA this past weekend, ready to fight for our winning platform, equipped with stickers for all who wanted one. It read," We Win with Life & Marriage in GOP Platform!" with a red heart in the center.
After the general session adjourned on Sunday the platform committee met to an overflow, standing room only crowd. Due to the great efforts of Mike Spence, Mark Pruner, Jon Fleischman, Tony Krvaric, Ron Nehring, Celeste Greig as well as the voting presence of elected officials - Senator Joel Anderson, Assemblymen Brian Jones, Tim Donnelly, and Mike Morrell among others, resulted in victory. The final vote to keep our strong conservative winning platform was 66 yes, 50 no and 4 not voting.
This is the focus of the Republicans committed to the defeat of Obama to save our country!

The whole tone of the convention was one of civility. Maybe wearing a red heart sticker encouraged this, but I received more hugs and friendly kisses then ever. Even a serious discussion with San Diego moderate Mike McSweeny was respectful. We found much common ground in protecting  children, freedoms and small businesses. He even put on a sticker and ended up voting for the conservative platform. Even though he had previously supported the moderate one. He said in essence that the bottom line was that nothing should be done  to discourage the precinct volunteers needed. He recognized that affirming party principles is key in motivating those volunteers necessary to win.
Has the circular firing squad really been redirected to those who actually threaten our nation? Our next CRP convention in February will tell. It is then that the delegates will decide if to accept our winning platform to protect Life, Marriage and our 2nd Amendment. All signs point to the conclusion that Party has heard the voters who long for leaders who stand and fight for the principles that formed our great country!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chaos, Confusion & Conflict - CRA Convention April 2011

There were four police squad cars in the front parking lot as I arrived at the CRA Convention at the Hilton Hotel in Sacramento on Saturday morning. Shockingly, they were there due to problems, even some physical altercation at the CRA convention! Unbelievably, it was a disturbance but at least no arrests. Sadly at a time the sorry state of California needs the strong leadership of CRA we are mired in this mess.

Something is definitely wrong in CRA. For weeks, poison emails flew back and forth as the two candidates, Celeste Grieg, the incumbent and Karen England,the challenger, battled for the state presidency. What should have been a clean competition of different visions for CRA, unfortunately, descended into destructive attacks, insults and even legal action.

I have been active in CRA since the 90's, currently serving as the president of the East County Unit. Consequently, I've attended numerous CRA conventions, this one had to be the most contentious, ranking as one of the worst.
In their desire to correct valid problems in CRA with the endorsement process, the current leadership totally bungled it. They made last minute rules changes. The changes made demands on autonomous units unaccustomed to top down directives in a grassroots up organization. This resulted in people of a volunteer organization, paying to show up at a convention only to learn they would not be seated as delegates. These numbered around 125 delegates ruled ineligible after a nine hours of grueling, ugly process on Saturday. In a departure from the norm, even guests who paid to register, were prevented from entering the sessions. Thus things got heated, I was told, requiring the police to come and restore order when people demanded to enter the session.

The credentials committee meeting dragged on as seated delegates voted out many units' delegates. When it came to discussion regarding the Greater Santee Lakeside unit, I wanted to offer assurance that the unit is not a fake one. On the contrary, our unit works with Frank Hilliker's group co-hosting forums, endorsing conventions and other events. I was not allowed to speak.
Even Karen England, the challenger to the president, I know has been involved with CRA for years was denied delegate status.
Ironically, Senator Joel Anderson, who our local units worked hard to get elected was voted out as a delegate. The Senator was able to briefly address the convention at the dinner Saturday night only because Assemblyman Dan Logue gave him some of his time. His remarks are on youtube:

We were told that during the sessions, due to the still pending litigation, no video taping, recording or photos would be allowed except for the official CRA newspaper reporter. I made a simple request to be able to take a picture or two for my blog in case something exciting took place. The leadership and most members seemed inclined until Baron Night objected. He spoke against it, so it was denied failing to meet the 2/3rds threshold. They really didn't have to worry. The picture I was hoping to get was one of Celeste and Karen shaking hands in reconciliation. The shot I wanted was of the moment of recognizing and thanking Peggy Mew for her years of work and countless hours of faithful service when a new membership secretary was elected. And to capture the moment,of appreciation to those who served on the board so faithfully now replaced in the election. Actually, my camera would have stayed in my purse since it didn't happen.

The election resulted in Celeste winning over Karen by a vote of 165 to 119. Celeste's slate also swept the contested races.

This weekend reminded me of a quote, however distorted, from the Vietnam War years, "It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it"

(In the interest of full disclosure, I endorsed Celeste early on in the campaign. Both ladies are long time, strong pro family conservatives who are professing Christians. It makes what happened even more regrettable.
Lastly, at the end of the convention we voted to at least refund the registration fees to those who paid and were denied entrance to the sessions.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Passivity Kills

30Lions Kill Elephant via @youtube

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Farewell Voepel!

Farewell to Mayor Randy Voepel
Who did leave the GOP
But few could really tell
For at the Party, well
We did not ever see!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Unsung Heroes Dr. King Would Salute Today

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he would surely salute these unsung heroes. In the same week that celebrates the birthday of the civil rights champion also marks a devastatingly dark Supreme Court decision. This January 22, 2011 will be 38th anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade ruling. It paved the way for abortion on demand in the US resulting in the deaths of 53 million children.

Today there are many heroes who fight for civil rights for preborn children of all races. The following are but a few summarized stories of so many true accounts.

For those who live in San Diego County, it is likely that you have seen an RV covered in a powerful message for life, for the family, for marriage and/or righteousness. Since the nineties, Ronald Brock has driven countless miles with a message for life. His vehicle is often covered with gruesome pictures of aborted babies bodies. He has traveled the country from New York City, Washington DC, Florida, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, California and parts in between. He mostly travels by himself. He's encountered intense, sometimes violent opposition. He has been run off the road, had his vehicle vandalized, been assaulted, and falsely arrested. Yet he continues on the road proclaiming the truth as guardian angels watch over him.
He was just at the Mt Soledad Memorial Rally driving around with the message none could miss.

Then there is a couple, Tim and Colette Wilson, who met at a Rescue (a protest at an abortion clinic where rescuers risk arrest in order to save unborn babies). This began a courtship that ended in marriage. Colette, a pro life attorney, has assisted in numerous legal battles in the defense of life. For years they have reached out to pregnant women in crisis pleading for the life of the child. This couple's commitment to life is demonstrated by the four children they adopted. These precious little ones were saved from abortion. Their abortion minded moms chose life and adoption when shown the facts in a loving manner. Lucy, their youngest was born this past July 26th.

In the mid nineties a sincere, bold young man showed up at a La Mesa, CA abortion clinic. He broke the rules usually enforced against the regular side walk counselors, who were not allowed in the parking lot. Troy was observed quietly speaking with a couple debating whether or not to go in for an abortion. After awhile the security guard made him leave the parking lot. His calling confirmed, he joined the group with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Operation Rescue's numbers in those days, had been greatly reduced. The unfair media coverage, the police brutality, the unjust courts and costly lawsuits had shocked and frightened off many.
Troy slowly gathered the willing and adjusted the tactics to save unborn children. His changes enabled the pro lifers to save children without long term incarceration or bankrupting lawsuits and trials.
Over the years he survived the learning curve of dealing with the media, police and pro abortion lawyers. His statements in the media went from brash to polished in his presentations. The results were tremendous in San Diego for example, over 40 abortionists quit doing abortions by retiring or moving away. Also over 20 abortion clinics closed.
In 2002, Troy Newman, pro life activist Cheryl Sullenger, along with their families moved Operation Rescue to Wichita, Kansas to focus on late term abortionists like George Tiller. Today, OR under Troy's leadership, continues a very effective life saving national ministry.

Lastly, there is Lila Rose. Young, attractive and articulate, Lila is a student activist at UCLA. At fifteen years old she founded a youth pro life organization, Live Action. Cleverly using new media she has been ripping away Planned Parenthood's mask of respectability. Courageously, she lead undercover stings into Planned Parenthood clinics. Then she exposed their non reporting of sexual abuse by adult men of underage girls by posting the evidence on the internet. The publicity generated has been very costly to Planned Parenthood. Such young people infuse new blood into the movement to secure future victories. Lila continues to defend the defenseless.

These heroes too, have a dream - that someday all life will be respected. Dr. King would have been proud.