Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tale of Two Women

A hush went over the crowd as Tami approached the microphone. Those attending
the Roe v Wade celebration strained to listen as she spoke softly in a faltering voice.

“I’m here to tell my story. This is not easy since it was a very difficult time in my life.

Todd and I had been together for three years when I became pregnant quite

unexpectedly. We both knew the timing was all wrong. We were just beginning our very

demanding careers. He offered to pay for the procedure to solve the problem. Only then,

he assured me, would we get our lives back. He was adamant that he would leave me

unless I agreed. I know have the right to choose. I have the right to a safe and legal

abortion.”Her voice began to break as she fought back tears. She remembered Todd’s cold

response. She remembered the day of the abortion ordeal. She had left the clinic empty

and strangely numb. The abortion became their dark unspoken secret. She and Todd later

separated. The unexpected grief and pain were unshakeable as she buried

herself in her legal career.

The crowd cheered as they acknowledged the banner flying high in the sky which
proclaimed their love for Dr Tiller as a national treasure. Tiller is the well known late term

abortion doctor in Wichita, KS. Tami quietly slipped away into the crowd.

In another state, Maria hugged little Sarah. The two year old had Maria’s mother’s eyes

and her father’s smile. Maria’s days were full of joy with little Sarah’s wonderment at the

simplest things – a flower, a bee, an ant, some white chocolate. The Justice Alito hearings

abortion focus made Maria shudder at the thought of life without Sarah.Almost three years before, Maria had come to the clinic early that morning. Afraid of her

family’s reaction, she had hidden her pregnancy. In secret, she had come for her

procedure to solve the problem. While in the waiting room she noticed a gentle lady with

kind eyes sitting next to her. In a caring and clear voice, she shared a brochure with Maria.

She explained to Maria that her baby was alive and deserved a chance to live. Then she

showed Maria some horrendous pictures of mangled aborted baby bodies.. Maria could no
longer stand it. She got up suddenly and left the clinic.

At best, her relationship with Mark was rocky. Yet little Sarah was able bring out the best

in Mark. Maria was feeling hopeful about the future as she kissed Sarah now napping

next to her.The above accounts are taken from actual events. The names and places have been

changed to protect privacy. Like Tami and Maria, as we remember 33 years of abortion

on demand, our society has a choice to make. We can choose death and despair or life

and hope. For the sake of all those other little Sarahs it’s time to give life a chance.
The End