Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Time For Choosing

Note: These are my remarks before the Grossmont Union High School Board on 06/10/10 regarding the naming of the new H.S. in Alpine.

Good Evening;

I’m Sylvia Sullivan, district resident, taxpayer, business owner and concerned citizen.

For this board, it truly is a time for choosing. You have a very exciting opportunity for our students. Before you, is a chance to make history for our district by naming the new high school after a transformational, inspirational and exceptional individual – Ronald Reagan!
And yes, I have an agenda, one that most in this room would support. The agenda is to promote all that will improve education and opportunities for our students.

Our beloved former President and California Governor was a very humble person. And he would not impose his name on a school. True, but the naming of the school is not so much for him but it is for our students. They deserve to be taught about our exceptional country that produces leaders like Ronald Reagan. They should learn about freedom, liberty and the joy of life he exuded.

As one whose family fled the tyranny and loss of freedom in Cuba, I especially appreciate his stands against evil and his successful triumph for liberty in the former Soviet bloc countries. He understood that “if we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

Please do not allow misguided political correctness rob our children of this honor. Do not cave to such words as expressed by Robert Welch, Viejas Vice Chairman, saying, “Your actions will have an impact on our future relationship with this district.” Even such opponents had to admit that Reagan supported the Indian Tribal Gov’t Tax Status Act and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Yes, Ronald Reagan was a very strong supporter of local control. As the duly elected body for our district you should exercise the authority properly given to you by the people.
Let’s allow the new High School, our students, our community to have this honor. Let it be like a shining city on hill in Alpine –Ronald Reagan High School!

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