Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why Babies Continue to Die

This is account of what happened at the initiatives committee meeting at the California Republican Party Convention this weekend. It is one reason that babies will continue to die.

Albin Rhomberg, presented the parental notification amendment asking for an endorsement. It was endorsed. As I believed that it deserved the endorsement.

Then it was my turn to speak in favor of the party endorsing the California Human Rights Amendment. It is in the signature gathering stage and the CRP endorsement would have been helpful in reaching a different group of people. After I was done, Mike Spence said there was someone there to speak in opposition. It was the parental notification person, Albin Rhomberg. He is not a member of the committee or delegate or associate. I'm not even sure he is a Republican.
He slammed CHRA- the wording, time, place and scared the candidates by saying it would be bad for them in November. .
Then without any time given for me to respond or anyone else to ask a question. Someone tabled it. It was tabled until it qualifies. This blocked it from being brought before the whole convention. Where I believe it stood a good chance of passing. Since it was tabled, it could not be brought up on the floor. So I ended up giving out the
petitions and literature with a few helpers.

Afterwards, Mr. Rhomberg said he felt compelled since the pro abortion people would not. He claimed CHRA is bad for pro life and for the Republicans. He also said that there are limited resources available yet denied he was doing it to protect his petition. Although during his talk regarding the parental notification petition, he blamed Prop 8 for parental notification's loss last time.
I expect attacks from the pro aborts, it is quite another to be stabbed in the back by a so-called fellow pro lifer.

The result is division in the pro life movement and no coalition building -
opportunities blown.

Below is part of my presentation to the initiatives committee and you can check out the CHRA website:

There once was a time- at its beginning that this party took the lead for human rights in asserting that all humans, including slaves were persons entitled to all human and civil rights. Throughout our history we have been the party standing, leading the battles for such rights for all.

Today our party is called to lead in California by joining a vibrant personhood movement taking place in 40 states. The California Human Rights Amendment simply recognizes the fact, truth of the personhood of all human beings from conception to natural death.

I urge you to respond to this call by endorsing this effort not only because it is morally right and in the traditions of our party but because it is also politically wise.

1. It energizes the conservative base to activism and involvement since neither of the two major candidates for governor are pro life. Especially the young people ages 18-29, who are becoming increasingly pro life as shown in a recent Marist Poll that found that 58% of them described abortion as "morally wrong".

2. It highlights the dirty little secret that the African American community is targeted for abortion. African American Pastor Walter Hoye who leads the effort for CHRA in California gives as one of his motivations this fact. Although blacks account for only 12% of the US population they account for 37% of all abortions in this country. This is not by accident as a brief review of Planned Parenthood and its history would reveal.

There are those who say it can't be done. If we do nothing, they are right. I say if we work together, we can accomplish it if we commit to never quit until we succeed. How long did it take William Wilberfoce to end slavery in England - a lifetime, 45 years.

There are some in the pro life movement who oppose this amendment on legal and legalese grounds with multiple definitions of personhood. I believe that words mean what they plainly say without needing a lawyer to explain. We don't need to go down the road of "it depends on what the meaning of "is" is.
In this large pro life movement there are family squabbles from time to time. In the end we just want to save babies and no one group has a monopoly on how. I simply ask if you can't help please don't hinder or discourage this valiant grassroots movement sweeping the nation. Instead, encourage the people by endorsing the California Human Rights Amendment.

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